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In February 2011, the government slashed the minimum wage rate, for all new employees, by €1.

Unfortunately, the reduction also impacted on many workers who were not new employees, with employers reducing wage rates regardles of the illegality of such actions. The success of the Davenport workers in getting their wage rate restored, with the help of Congress and SIPTU, proved that such action by employers was illegal.

A Congress campaign, which began in February, raised awareness amongst workers of their rights and exerted huge pressure on the government to reverse these savage cuts. It was a huge success and now all national minimum wage rates have been restored [1st July 2011].

However, there is no room for complacency. We need to continue to exert pressure on government to ensure that the pay of our colleagues, family and friends, covered under Joint Labour Committees, is not cut.

Our contact line has assisted hundreds of workers affected by the national minimum wage cut, by providing them with the right information. If you are worried about threatened cuts to wages covered by the JLCs/REAs, call us on the FairWage Helpline at 0818 300 900 or go the rights section of this website.

If you are a member of a trade union and have concerns about any aspect of your contract, contact your union representative immediately. Without the support, strength and solidarity of colleagues and the back-up of a union organisation, protection from the many crises we face as workers, would be beyond the capacity of any one individual.

Contact our service to obtain up to date workplace information, to join a union and become an active participant in protecting jobs, wages and conditions.

No matter whether you work in a large or small business, are a private or public sector worker, work in engineering or education, there is a union to suit your needs.

As more workers become union members, it will be more likely that a better, fairer outcome can be achieved for all.

All workers in Ireland are entitled to join a union, so join up now, its probably the best decision you will ever make.

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